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Online Privacy

The best ways to keep your identity safe, according to the world’s top security experts

9 Things You Absolutely Must Do to Keep Your Online Identity Secure

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People can locate you using hidden information from photos uploaded online

Metadata within photos can be used to view your name, location etc.

[Metadata collected] for internet activity:

– The time, date, size, sender and recipients of emails

– Time and duration of your web connections

– Your IP address

– The law does not require carriers to retain ‘destination’ IP addresses, but a carrier may do so

– The volume of your uploads and downloads

– Location and geographical data

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Why Using a Public Wi-Fi Network Can Be Dangerous, Even When Accessing Encrypted Websites

“Don’t do your online banking or anything sensitive on a public Wi-Fi network.” The advice is out there, but why can using a public Wi-Fi network actually be dangerous? And wouldn’t online banking be secure, as it’s encrypted?

There are a few big problems with using a public Wi-Fi network. The open nature of the network allows for snooping, the network could be full of compromised machines, or  — most worryingly — the hotspot itself could be malicious.

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