An overview of therapy for child sexual abuse

In this post, I will list more of the therapies available for child sexual abuse (CSA). Please note I am not a doctor and please see your doctor for actual medical advice and more options as I am not skilled enough to list all options for therapy of CSA.Read More »


Quick links: Pedophiles

EDIT: on the net, people have been accusing csa victims of being pedophile apologists which is why I’m going to preemptively to say that I don’t actually agree with everything in the links- especially the ones written by pedophiles. The list was just to grasp a general knowledge of  pedophiles.

WebMD: What Is Pedophilia?

Rationalwiki: Pedophilia


Personal experiences of non-offending pedophiles 5 Ways We Misunderstand Pedophilia (That Makes it Worse) I’m a pedophile, but not a monsterRead More »

A quick start on becoming science literate (for a layperson)

Doesn’t a tutorial need steps? Not this one. Science is forever learning and correcting itself. Do it the “steps” in whatever manner you want. In fact even I haven’t completed all the “steps” yet.

Enjoy reading. You need to know the basics.

Yes, to be science literate you need to read all of it or read equivalent materials. I will be also reading the resource I just found. It’s going to take a long time. *sigh*Read More »