Mcneill has got another new enemy + some questions

Another different Facebook page is against the scam. This Facebook page is newer than Wellstar / BYAS – SCAM by about a month.

I would like to ask why is Wellstar / BYAS – SCAM’s facebook page’s “Liked by this page” section contains two BYAS promoters? I don’t know how Facebook works. Why???

One of the pages in the “Liked by this page” section is BYAS – Luonnollinen kauneus. Irene Malmi‘s description says when translated into english using Google Translate:

Byas equipment and products will bring you the chance to get the best possible care for your skin , just when you need it. The devices are easy to use. products include
luonnononmukaisa agents. For the active work of hyaluronic acid , which occurs naturally in the skin . For a firmer and more beautiful skin .

While the other known as Jean Clancy states:Read More »

WARNING: Bionic Youth Activating System SCAM

Looks like Sabine Mcneill is up to her conning ways again! This time she is promoting the Bionic Youth Activating System scam. She says “The German company Wellstar branded it BYAS: Bionic Youth Activating System and we are introducing it to the UK, starting in Wembley.”

Her crimes include: breaching bail conditions, violating children’s privacy by leaking their private information and identities out to the world, and much more.

It’s time for a scientific skeptic to debunk this nonsensical pseudoscience.Read More »

What about Iran Aid?


Many people have been scammed out of their money by these exploitative “charities”. According to the ACCC , Australians have been scammed out of $164 714 in 2014 by these fakes. This behavior exploits the generous, and directs money away from the real charities into their rapacious, greedy wallets. Many real, vulnerable humans in need of help are void of this necessarily due to this disgusting behavior. 

Here is more information about these scams:


Stay safe!

Don’t forget to report fake charities to their respective countries’ government scam section.


Over the months that the Hampstead hoax has dragged on, a recurring question has kept popping up about one of the hoax’s originating voices, Belinda McKenzie: “What about Iran Aid?”

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Attention! Google Images “Ricky Dearman”

Please help us complete Goal: Google Images “Ricky Dearman” by following the instructions below:

  1. Download these images(the court order) and put into either a .doc or .pdf file.
  2. Go to this link.
  3. Click “Image Search”.
  4. Click “I have a court order declaring certain content unlawful (e.g. pursuant to a copyright or trademark infringement suit)”.
  5. Click the hypertext “this form”.
  6. Fill in the details.
  7. Submit it.

For more information about Goal: Google Images “Ricky Dearman” please go here.

Step 6 may be hard to do due to google’s complete lack of detailed instruction on how to complete the “Location of the allegedly infringing material ” section. Seriously even I don’t know how to complete it properly.

Here is what I did. You know when you left-click on an image on google image, the URL changes? I just copied and pasted those odd URLs into that section for each illegal image. I hope that its the correct way to complete that section.

Remember to check out Google legal FAQ page.