Attention! Google Images “Ricky Dearman”

Please help us complete Goal: Google Images “Ricky Dearman” by following the instructions below:

  1. Download these images(the court order) and put into either a .doc or .pdf file.
  2. Go to this link.
  3. Click “Image Search”.
  4. Click “I have a court order declaring certain content unlawful (e.g. pursuant to a copyright or trademark infringement suit)”.
  5. Click the hypertext “this form”.
  6. Fill in the details.
  7. Submit it.

For more information about Goal: Google Images “Ricky Dearman” please go here.

Step 6 may be hard to do due to google’s complete lack of detailed instruction on how to complete the “Location of the allegedly infringing material ” section. Seriously even I don’t know how to complete it properly.

Here is what I did. You know when you left-click on an image on google image, the URL changes? I just copied and pasted those odd URLs into that section for each illegal image. I hope that its the correct way to complete that section.

Remember to check out Google legal FAQ page.