It’s basically revenge porn

Revenge porn, it’s traumatizing,  painful mentally.

And hard to remove from the internet.

Like really hard. News sites are covering how damn hard it is for the internet to forgot. People wrote guides on how to remove revenge porn.

The problem is that it doesn’t go far enough. You can prosecute the person who did it, but the problem is that the photos are going to remain online on the website where they are posted, and then they are going to spread from that website to other websites. You can prosecute the person who did it all you want, but it doesn’t address the problem of what happens to the victim after the photographs appear online.


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Effects of Physical Child Abuse

As we all well know Abraham Christie physically abused Ricky Dearman’s children. See the court case here.

Today, I am going to read the scientific papers about what the effects physical abuse can have on children. Welcome to my summary of all the studies I read about the subject. Most of the studies are behind pay-walls so I have to make do with free studies.Read More »

Adverse Effects of Cannabis on Children

AKA how Ella Draper and Abraham Christie may have possibly messed up their children’s minds. Ella Draper and Abraham Christie drugged their children with cannabis.

To find out about the adverse effects of cannabis use on children, I had to dive in the world of science. The worse aspect about all this research I did is: pay-walls. Most of the scientific studies are behind pay-walls; that’s why this blog post may not be 100% up-to-date with the latest research.Read More »