It’s basically revenge porn

Revenge porn, it’s traumatizing,  painful mentally.

And hard to remove from the internet.

Like really hard. News sites are covering how damn hard it is for the internet to forgot. People wrote guides on how to remove revenge porn.

The problem is that it doesn’t go far enough. You can prosecute the person who did it, but the problem is that the photos are going to remain online on the website where they are posted, and then they are going to spread from that website to other websites. You can prosecute the person who did it all you want, but it doesn’t address the problem of what happens to the victim after the photographs appear online.


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Please do me a favour

Hi, I’m suicidal.

I need screenshots of the guy who verbally abused me on wordpress please. I don’t feel like collecting the information myself due to the state of my mental health.

I need to bring them to my therapist thank you.


Please. Please. I m crying. Sobbing and feeling bad.


Remember to block out the abuser’s username and profile picture. I really don’t want to see them.

Quick links: Pedophiles

EDIT: on the net, people have been accusing csa victims of being pedophile apologists which is why I’m going to preemptively to say that I don’t actually agree with everything in the links- especially the ones written by pedophiles. The list was just to grasp a general knowledge of  pedophiles.

WebMD: What Is Pedophilia?

Rationalwiki: Pedophilia


Personal experiences of non-offending pedophiles 5 Ways We Misunderstand Pedophilia (That Makes it Worse) I’m a pedophile, but not a monsterRead More »

WARNING: Neurolinguistic programming is potentially harmful pseudoscience

[Note: if I reference this book I will be referencing pages 22-26.]
[Another note: Links are used as a substitute to footnotes; due to that a lot of the time text will hyperlink to the same source as a way to signal which source I used.]

Do you believe me when I say that NLP is so pseudosciencific that they is no standard way of performing it; in fact there’s no fixed definition. Some may say that NLP is essentially the Secret 2.0, and others‘ explanation is just pure technobabble.Read More »