Spoon Theory


To all the hoaxers promoting the Hampstead SRA Hoax/Mind Control hoax,

  1. Seriously make up your minds on what the hoax is.
  2. Stop making it so easy to laugh at you guys.
  3. Quit harassing people.
  4. Stop PIDOOMA-ing.
  5. I demand my spoons back. It not that my spoons been wasted. It’s just the damage you done is really hard to reverse. All that crap you put out. All of harassment. All of my energy is all devoted to damage control.

I demand compensation. I deserve compensation.

What are spoons? You ask? Spoon theory is an analogy used by people with chronic illness to describe their limited energy levels and disabilities, this analogy is coined by Christine Miserandino. Able-bodied, non-mentally ill, neurotypical, non-disabled etc people have an unlimited amount of spoons.

What is “spoon theory”?

It’s a quirky and easy to understand way of explaining how much energy you have left.
A growing number of people with stamina difficulties, such as those with ME, fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome and mental health problems, use spoons to quantify how they are feeling on a given day. It’s not really possible to measure energy levels scientifically but this unit of measurement – numbers of spoons – is a fun explainer.

How does cutlery come into it?

Christine Miserandino came up with the idea in 2003. She has lupus and, when describing her predicament to a close friend in a cafe, grabbed some nearby spoons as props.
They counted out 12 spoons and Miserandino explained that daily tasks such as eating breakfast cost her at least one of those spoons, and showering used up two.

BBC- Ouch Blog: Explaining low stamina levels – with spoons



all the chronically ill and disabled people who had to deal with this hoax.

P.S: Stop being jerks.

[Inspired by Cross of Change]

[Fact: Grumpy cat is disabled.]

[I made that meme BTW]



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