A quick start on becoming science literate (for a layperson)

Doesn’t a tutorial need steps? Not this one. Science is forever learning and correcting itself. Do it the “steps” in whatever manner you want. In fact even I haven’t completed all the “steps” yet.

Enjoy reading. You need to know the basics.

Yes, to be science literate you need to read all of it or read equivalent materials. I will be also reading the resource I just found. It’s going to take a long time. *sigh*

Learn Critical Thinking. Relax even I’m not finished reading all the entries.

Keep up to date with the latest science by subscribing to scientific journals and bookmarking science websites. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to access the journals. Oh, well I will just have to scratch harder to find the free full access studies.

I personally recommend ScienceBasedMedicine.org, PainScience.com, BadScience.net and The Conversation for science websites.

Don’t just read the links in this blog post. Go out there and look for more information.The information linked to and in this post will not be enough.


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  1. Science literacy is a very good start for anyone who wants to be able to look at data critically, and determine whether it’s useful or valid. That’s one really good way to avoid getting taken in by conspiracy theories: subject the evidence to critical analysis.

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