People can locate you using hidden information from photos uploaded online

Metadata within photos can be used to view your name, location etc.

[Metadata collected] for internet activity:

– The time, date, size, sender and recipients of emails

– Time and duration of your web connections

– Your IP address

– The law does not require carriers to retain ‘destination’ IP addresses, but a carrier may do so

– The volume of your uploads and downloads

– Location and geographical data

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Here is how to remove that pesky private information from your photos.

Here is another way to remove that private information from photos.

What is metadata, and how do you maintain your privacy?




5 thoughts on “People can locate you using hidden information from photos uploaded online

  1. Though of course it is just information, and who and how it is used is not your responsibiity, or within your control anyway, this is really useful for people who don’t know, tho i havn’t checked the links yet, i know there are some good clear info’s put together too, on alot of this, stuff, some sites have been warning that this could happen, i know on Sarah’s Law pages they would not let people join if they had children’s images, on their profile, of course, some were outraged by this, others were better safe than sorry, others fearmongered, it’s no ones’fault if they have been abused online, and people shouldn’t be made to feel guilty, silly, ashamed, the bullies are doing enough of that.

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