Mcneill has got another new enemy + some questions

Another different Facebook page is against the scam. This Facebook page is newer than Wellstar / BYAS – SCAM by about a month.

I would like to ask why is Wellstar / BYAS – SCAM’s facebook page’s “Liked by this page” section contains two BYAS promoters? I don’t know how Facebook works. Why???

One of the pages in the “Liked by this page” section is BYAS – Luonnollinen kauneus. Irene Malmi‘s description says when translated into english using Google Translate:

Byas equipment and products will bring you the chance to get the best possible care for your skin , just when you need it. The devices are easy to use. products include
luonnononmukaisa agents. For the active work of hyaluronic acid , which occurs naturally in the skin . For a firmer and more beautiful skin .

While the other known as Jean Clancy states:

BYSA stands for Bionic Youth Activation System which is a unique Multi Synchronous Technology used on the face and body with real results. NUI Galway state that Clinical test have shown slack muscles regain volume with EMS, over 90% firmness and tone. University Washington, research show that Iontophoresis works in harmony with the body in a gentle and effective way. Radio waves melt away stubborn fat, by controlled overheating the cells wall is more porous thus enables the fat to exit cells. Dr. Chris Meletis Executive, Institute for Healthy Aging, Nevada, USA, “The Common sense approach to aging is replacing substances that decrease during the passage of time; Hyaluronic is exactly one of these nutrients” , All so exciting and is now becoming available in Ireland. What make it so attractive is you have High end Salon/ Spa quality available to you to use in the home.

I would like Ms Clancy to show me, a scientific skeptic, the sources for her claims as I have not been able to find any hard evidence. CrossofChange can you please kindly request the links to her sources.


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