WARNING: Bionic Youth Activating System SCAM

Looks like Sabine Mcneill is up to her conning ways again! This time she is promoting the Bionic Youth Activating System scam. She says “The German company Wellstar branded it BYAS: Bionic Youth Activating System and we are introducing it to the UK, starting in Wembley.”

Her crimes include: breaching bail conditions, violating children’s privacy by leaking their private information and identities out to the world, and much more.

It’s time for a scientific skeptic to debunk this nonsensical pseudoscience.

According to her site:

The BYAS – Bionic Youth Activating System – comprises

  • Multi-Synchronous Technologies [MST] of
  • Micro-Current or Iontophoresis
  • Radio-Frequency
  • Micro-Vibrations or Electrical Muscular Stimulation [EMS]
  • in three lifters
  • using the magic of Hyaluron Serum for Eyes and Face
  • the Detox Serum for the Face
  • and a Galvanic Lift for the Face
  • as well as products supporting ‘body contouring’ with the Body Lifter.

Time to dive into Pubmed to test for allegations.

Multi-Synchronous Technologies consists of multiple unproven alternative treatments:

  1. electric muscle simulation
  2. iontophoresis
  3. radio frequencies

There is no hard evidence for anything of these. I repeat. Electric muscle simulation has not been proven to help aging. Iontophoresis has not been proven to help aging. The only “positive” evidence I could find for radio frequencies in treating aging is badly done studies like these:

Twenty-three female subjects used the STOP at home for a period of 6 weeks followed by a maintenance period of 6 weeks. Facial skin characteristics were objectively evaluated at baseline and at the end of the treatment and maintenance periods using a three-dimensional imaging system. Additionally, facial wrinkles were classified and subjects scored their satisfaction and sensations.

Blinding prevents the participants in the study from knowing if they are receiving or performing the placebo treatment or the real treatment. This is important because the placebo effect. The placebo effect is when due to a person’s expectation of a benefit due to an intervention causes an improvation in their condition.

The lack of a control group aka a group receiving the sham treatment makes it impossible to know if the treatment truly worked on its own merit or due to other events including the placebo effect itself.

The small sample size jeopardizes the accuracy and reliability of the study. The bigger the sample, the more likely it is to find a true effect.

For information on evaluating studies go here.


Her face lifter and eye lifter include mention of hyaluron serum otherwise known as hyaluron acid. Hyaluron acid is probably just a skin moisturizer when used tropically. It does not prevent or reverse aging. To really look younger using hyaluron acid you need to inject the substance into your face; applying it to your face doesn’t do anything to aging.

Detox is sold. Yep. Detox. The ultimate health care lie. It doesn’t work. Your body naturally detoxes itself.


A whole bunch of testimonials are used to “support” this rubbish. She provides no evidence and replies on anecdotes just like other alternative medicine scammers.

Anecdotes suck because they are essentially unblinded studies have no control group and a small sample size which as I have told you above is bad science. Just because you believe it works doesn’t mean it works. People volunteered themselves for lobotomy because they believed it worked. They drank mercury and electrocuted themselves. All due to their faith in anecdotes.

Relying on anecdotal “evidence” is bad.


So far 1 227 people are following her and there isn’t a medical disclaimer on her site.The word disclaimer can't be found when searching the scammer's site

For actual science based skin care check out this video:


EDIT: altered and added more to hyaluron acid section.

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