Mcneill’s new enemy.

Here is a Facebook page that says that Sabine Mcneill’s new scam: Bionic Youth Activating System (BYAS): is a pyramid scheme and commits multi level marketing.

Its purpose is to: “The page is to highlight the con that is Wellstar and their new product BYAS or Bionic Youth Activating System.”

Looks like Sabine Mcneill has a new enemy.

I have not contacted the person behind this Facebook page as I do not have a Facebook account. It would be fascinating to discover more about BYAS. After all if BYAS is truly gulity of all the crimes this Facebook page says it is then it Ms Mcneill will be going to jail for an even longer time. That will be one more strike against her trail of crimes.

My talent is in science as has been proven by my criticism of BYAS lack of scientific evidence. My talent is not in business which is why I do not know whether BYAS is a pyramid scheme and commits multi level marketing. If anyone here can enlighten me to the horror of BYAS, I would be pleased.


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