WARNING: Neurolinguistic programming is potentially harmful pseudoscience

[Note: if I reference this book I will be referencing pages 22-26.]
[Another note: Links are used as a substitute to footnotes; due to that a lot of the time text will hyperlink to the same source as a way to signal which source I used.]

Do you believe me when I say that NLP is so pseudosciencific that they is no standard way of performing it; in fact there’s no fixed definition. Some may say that NLP is essentially the Secret 2.0, and others‘ explanation is just pure technobabble.Read More »

A quick start on becoming science literate (for a layperson)

Doesn’t a tutorial need steps? Not this one. Science is forever learning and correcting itself. Do it the “steps” in whatever manner you want. In fact even I haven’t completed all the “steps” yet.

Enjoy reading. You need to know the basics.

Yes, to be science literate you need to read all of it or read equivalent materials. I will be also reading the resource I just found. It’s going to take a long time. *sigh*Read More »

People can locate you using hidden information from photos uploaded online

Metadata within photos can be used to view your name, location etc.

[Metadata collected] for internet activity:

– The time, date, size, sender and recipients of emails

– Time and duration of your web connections

– Your IP address

– The law does not require carriers to retain ‘destination’ IP addresses, but a carrier may do so

– The volume of your uploads and downloads

– Location and geographical data

Quote by SBS


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Mcneill has got another new enemy + some questions

Another different Facebook page is against the scam. This Facebook page is newer than Wellstar / BYAS – SCAM by about a month.

I would like to ask why is Wellstar / BYAS – SCAM’s facebook page’s “Liked by this page” section contains two BYAS promoters? I don’t know how Facebook works. Why???

One of the pages in the “Liked by this page” section is BYAS – Luonnollinen kauneus. Irene Malmi‘s description says when translated into english using Google Translate:

Byas equipment and products will bring you the chance to get the best possible care for your skin , just when you need it. The devices are easy to use. products include
luonnononmukaisa agents. For the active work of hyaluronic acid , which occurs naturally in the skin . For a firmer and more beautiful skin .

While the other known as Jean Clancy states:Read More »