Project Whistleblower CLOSED

Dealing with mean people online isn’t my strength.


7 thoughts on “Project Whistleblower CLOSED

  1. Yes, you have to have a strong will to deal with the witchfinders, because they will hit you with everything they can. Play to your strengths, there are many ways to defeat them. My simple tactic on my blog (resting for a year) is blocking such people, and deleting their comments.

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    • I am currently trying to figure out the best way to make a lot of money ASAP. With a lot of money, I can actually hire lawyers, news agencies etc to attack the witchfinders.

      *sigh* That’s my plan. My plan that will take ages to do.

      Multiple money making strategies will have to be put in place.

      I have a lot of planning to do.

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      • There are lots of things that you can do which costs no money, for instance I support the blog with comments, and assist in their various occasional campaigns to inform the public about the witchfinders and take down their sites. The greatest need is making sure all claims of SRA and other claims by witchfinders is challenged, and that can be done without spending much money.

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