Adverse Effects of Cannabis on Children

AKA how Ella Draper and Abraham Christie may have possibly messed up their children’s minds. Ella Draper and Abraham Christie drugged their children with cannabis.

To find out about the adverse effects of cannabis use on children, I had to dive in the world of science. The worse aspect about all this research I did is: pay-walls. Most of the scientific studies are behind pay-walls; that’s why this blog post may not be 100% up-to-date with the latest research.

157. There is good evidence to find, as I do, that in the three months leading to their reception into care both children ingested cannabis. Scientific analysis revealed that both children had metabolites of the drug (THC) in their hair – a finding which could not be explained by ingestion of ‘hemp based products’ because none would contain sufficient levels of cannabis to produce the metabolite. It is impossible for the analysts to say whether the children had ingested the drug whether by passive smoking or oral ingestion. However, the children were clear in interview when describing the way hemp was made into soup using the juicer.
158. The amounts found in the children’s hair samples suggested their ingestion had not been, as Ms Cave of Lextox described, a “one-off” but regular over the period. It is hard to imagine how any parent could deliberately expose a child to an illegal drug. But it may have been part of Mr Christie’s and Ms Draper’s plan so as to gain the children’s compliance. I need hardly say now profoundly damaging it was to administer illegal drugs to a child.

Quote by Judge Justice Pauffley.

[Please note: Hair Analysis is most likely woo when not done by the government.]

For you I decided to dig though the sea of scientific studies and pay-walls until I finally came upon this: “Impact of Marijuana on Children and Adolescents (2008)” by the California Society of Addiction Medicine. It is the only one I could find about children that isn’t behind a pay-wall.

My summary of “Impact of Marijuana on Children and Adolescents (2008)” by the California Society of Addiction Medicine:

The human brain undergoes important development changes during their youth. This is why the use of marijuana has more adverse effects on youth than they have for adults.

Research has shown that children are more likely to become addicted to cannabis than teenagers and adults.

Abnormal differences have been found in the brains of teenage marijuana users verses non-users. Teenagers can suffer cognitive deficits from the use of cannabis and are less likely to recover from the abuse of cannabis then adults.  Teen cannabis users have to use a larger percentage of their brains to be able to accomplish the same tasks than non-users. This signals that cannabis use may have made the brains of those teenagers less efficient.

Cannabis use can cause more negative behavior changes in youth than adults.

Marijuana is associated with an increased risk of psychotic disorders.


That sounds very bad. Ella Draper and Abraham Christie may have potentially messed up their children’s brains real badly. This is irresponsible behavior for parents to undertake.

You know, Abraham Christie claims to be researching cannabis. If he really is an cannabis researcher, then he should have known about the adverse effects of cannabis on children.

I mean, I’m not even an adult yet. Even I can find this information.

This just continues to provide further evidence on Mr Christie’s lack of expertise, and competence. That’s how incompetent Mr Christie is- so incompetent that a minor can do research better then him.

Mr Christie is researching cannabis as an alternative to blood transfusion. He plans to make a cannabis-based “blood” for blood transfusion purposes. That’s why I decided to hashtag this post with the phrases “natural cures” and “alternative medicine”.

P.S: Abraham Christie physically abused his children while Ella Draper didn’t intervene to stop his abuse and is responsible for false allegations.  Just in case, someone finds their way to my post without knowing the back story of the case.

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