Project: Whistleblower

Project: Whistleblower is a project of HAMPSTEAD OPERATION: Privacy is Gold.

This project’s goal is to find evidence of websites refusing to comply with an UK court order to keep the children’s identities private and ask websites, who are infringing the Court order, to remove the illegal content. 

  1. Ask for websites to take down illegal content of RD’s children. (Screenshot your request.)  (Screenshot evidence of the illegal content; remember to censor the children’s faces and names et cetera.)
  2. If they don’t screenshot their response-if they do respond that is. Else if they do comply with the law, than great!
  3. Please upload the screenshots on Img Safe, or  imgur and comment below with the links.



Idea from:

Good idea and this is important : I have a friend who has had a big win in the court in Adelaide against Google. She is a researcher so it was natural for her to keep detailed records going back years, with which to defeat Google ( she sued them for not removing links to a vile US website that defamed her). It is important – just in case these matters end up in court – to be able to show you have repeatedly asked for illegal content to be removed or for links to be removed both by the hosts and authors.

Coincidently my lawyer who is a family friend, is also taking out a harassment order against a nutter who is very much like the hoaxteders and who has authored numerous blogs defaming him (he finally acted after his 12 yr old son had a friend at school say “I read on the net that your dad is a crook”). I have been keeping detailed screenshots and copies of all requests to Google (who sometimes act, other times ignore) re the offensive websites and his barrister said this is extremely important as it shows malicious intent (even on Google’s part) . UK laws are different of course but these vile websites can be read around the world.

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Project process:

Phase 1

Phase 2



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